What Does Your Future Look Like

I wrote a couple of articles a few months back – one on jobs becoming obsolete and the other on what to do after high school. Which brings me to this question –

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Brett, age 25; Employment – Factory Worker

Brett is 25, has a young wife and two children. He started working right out of high school in a factory with the promise to himself that he would get further education in the future.

Let’s Start at the Beginning…Seventeen-year-old Brett promises himself that he will just work for a year and then get further education but for now, he is young and the money is very good for someone so young.

One year turns into two years, Brett meets his future wife so he needs to keep working so he can afford to marry her. Three years, four years go by and Brett is still at the factory. He is now married with the first baby on the way (his wife wants to be a stay at home mom). He needs to keep working. Soon baby number 2 comes along.

Worker sweating

Do you see what has happened? Brett feels that he can’t make any changes. He has to keep working at the factory to make sure his family is provided for. He still wants more education, a better job but he is thinking this is his future.


Sarah, age 35; Employment – Assistant Marketing Specialist

Sarah is 35 years old and well on her way to becoming a head Marketing Specialist at her company. She has worked hard and many long hours to get there.

Let’s Start at the Beginning…Young Sarah is an ambitious and smart student. She finishes school with glowing reports and heads on to University where she studies marketing. After 4 long, years of spending money and earning her education, she lands a job in the marketing/advertising department of a prominent company.

Since she is the low person on the totem pole, Sarah goes to every meeting looking for opportunities to prove herself. She keeps in close contact with her boss, providing him with status reports on daily activities as well as informing him of opportunities that might serve the company better. Sarah keeps her eyes open, learning everything she can about her department; she is a team player and is willing to help out others wherever she can.

She is early to work every day and one of the last to leave, dependable, and gets her work done. Sarah never refuses a project even when she has made plans to take a day off to visit her family or go shopping with her best friend. Her hard work is paying off and she is promoted to an assistant within her department. Sarah is being noticed!

She is now 35 and is now an assistant marketing specialist. With some more hard work, she will eventually achieve her dreams of becoming the head Marketing Specialist of the company.

Sarah already has her own car and her nest egg for a house is starting to grow.

At what cost is Sarah climbing the corporate ladder? She works morning to night, often taking her work home with her. She tells her friends and family they will get together soon but she is so tired at the end of the day that she just wants to eat and sleep. A social life? What is that?

Woman on cellphone having coffee

Do you see what is happening here? Soon Sarah will be 40 and still working just as hard. She will reach the top but what will it cost her to stay there. She has no life outside of her job. It is all-consuming.


Jerry, age 21 – Employment – Full-Time Online Affiliate Marketer

Jerry is 21 and is consistently earning a four-figure monthly passive income from several income streams, bringing him more money than he ever thought or dreamed was possible.

Let’s Start at the Beginning…Jerry is from Taiwan, a high school graduate, and a college dropout. Even though he was enrolled in a top university, he knew he had no interest in getting a degree; in fact, he does not believe in the ‘traditional’ education. He believes that financial education and personal development are more important.

He started his online business at the young age of 18 but the program had lots of high-ticket up-sells, money he couldn’t really afford and felt was wasted.

He then discovered a program that truly changed his life. To support himself while learning his online business, he worked part-time at a hotel buffet bringing his laptop top to work so he could spend every spare minute he could on his business.

His success did not come overnight! In January, February and March 2018 he started to earn a little money but it took him two years to learn as much as he could while still serving full time in national service! He now works full time in his online business.

Who Do You Want To Be Like

Out of these three people, two of them are fictitious (although the job situations are very real). Did you figure out which one is the real person creating wealth with a residual income? If you guessed Jerry, you would be correct. Here are a few more facts:

  • In November 2018, he went over the top, making $7,395 in a week from a Black Friday sale promotion.
  • At the end of 2018, he started the development of a Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course, investing a lot of time and money.
  • As a result of his hard work, he earned an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas in January of this year!

Man waiting for flight to Las Vegas

  • In March 2019 he hosted a webinar Pre-launching his course and earned $40,000 in one night.
  • When the pre-launch ended, he had 500 students and over $100,000!

I could go on but I think this would be a good time for you to check out some of these links so you can see for yourself.

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Final Thoughts

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being Brett or Sarah. They could be very happy with what they have chosen to do and are working very, very hard.

Interesting fact: Nearly half of all workers in America are earning less than $30,000 a year!

Personally, though, I would like to be one of the Jerrys of the world – to work hard and sacrifice a couple of years of my life in order to have the money and dreams I want in a shorter amount of time. 

Would Jerry tell you it was easy? I don’t think so. He would tell you it takes hard work and a lot of sacrifices, but he would also tell you that he is determined, persevering and not afraid to fail, to make the sacrifices and work hard, and make the choices he does. For him, failure is a necessary part of achieving his success. He would also tell you it is worth it.

How about you? Are you willing to sacrifice a couple of years of your life for something better? If so, then check out my # 1 recommendation on affiliate marketing.



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6 comments on “What Does Your Future Look Like”

  1. Jagi Egnell Reply

    I like the scenarios you use in your content. I’m also impressed with the way the young man earned so much money within such a short time.

    I hope to be able to earn a full-time income online as well. Right now my scenario is working 9 to 5 as well trying to work on a blog part-time.

    You have motivated me to start working hard to get out of a full-time job. Right now my goal is to earn over what I earn at my full-time job which is as you state about $30,000 a year.

    Jerry sounds like a very successful person, I wouldn’t mind emulating what he has. But I know it’s a process, your post has motivated me to go forward and achieve this.

    • MaryAnn Reply

      Hi Jagi. There is nothing wrong with working 9-5 as long as you know that you want bigger and better things for yourself. Jerry is definitely an inspiration to many people, not just the young but a few of us older ones as well :). 

      I am happy that you are motivated and the fact that you have set goals is a big step in the right direction. So many people don’t.

      All the best. I know you can do it!

  2. akshaysaxena Reply

    Wonderful. After reading your post, all I can say is “Wonderful”. You presented 3 real life situation with all real person in your analysis. Great analysis of 3 different lives. 

    I think the real issue is with our education system, which educate people to become an employee, so that you can work your butt off for others. Your illustration of Jerry’s life has to do with true education. 

    A lot to learn from this article. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome experience. 

    • MaryAnn Reply

      Hello and thank you! I agree with your statement about education – it is the way a lot of us were brought up. Get your education, work 9-5 (or become an employee as  you said). The next thing you know, you are sill in that job wondering how come.

      Thank you for sharing your views.

  3. LKick Reply

    What does my future look like? I guess I am Sarah. Long hours and no social life. Just too tired. I find it amazing that some people are caught up in a life they never planned. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned. 

    I believe you have given a very good example of how people do get locked into their lives. I have over the years tried to make money working at home, but mostly it was a waste of time. A great disappointment. You have brought some very interesting points to light. My chance may be gone already, but those  who find your blog (and I will be recommending it) and still have years to change directions are in for an awakening. What great news. 

    Thank you for making your recommendations. I think there is a lot of hope for so many people who want better than they have now. 

    • MaryAnn Reply

      I think there are a great many people caught up in a life they never planned. Sometimes it is also what they were conditioned to do growing up – you know, get an education, get a 9-5 job and that’s your life.

      I am sure it is not too late for you but I know what you mean. Thank you for your thoughts; I appreciate them.

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